Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eve Online Mining: Kronos and the Incredible Hulk

It's an hour or so after logging on to Kronos following its release during today's downtime and life is good.

My Hulks have (with perfect Orca boosts and Exhumers 5) a range of 32km and cycle in 82.8 seconds. My Survey Scanner II has a range of 38km (also new: the Survey Scan Results window shows a targeting icon next to the asteroids you've targeted, which for the Hulk can now be seven, though the icon isn't always showing up in a timely manner). The T2 crystals are 10 m3, so 35 will now fit in the Hulk's cargohold, which is handy, though were always accessible from the Orca.

The Charon of course was a bit of a shock after log on - cargo capacity was down to less than 600K, but now with three Expanded Cargohold IIs it's at 1,156,550.

If my little fleet was a belt buster before, it's now on turbo. Have mined out three belts so far, belts in a system for which I didn't have belt bookmarks - and I didn't need them. Warp to the default belt warp-in and everything's in reach once the boosts are up. Send in one miner, confirm the belt is still ripe, then fleet warp the crew.

Sweet, sweet Kronos - a Titan indeed.

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