Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eve Online Mining: Fanfest 2015 mining portents

Drifters weren't the only portents for miners to come out of the recent 2015 Fanfest. Two things are on the horizon on which we should keep an eye: nullsec anomaly ore revamp and the general structure revamp.

According to CCP Fozzie, nullsec ore anomalies are going to be reconfigured in April, 2015, in such a way as to afford enough of the low end ore/minerals to make nullsec self-sufficient from a manufacturing standpoint. This could affect the price of highsec ore/minerals (can't see how it could be good for the compressed ore market since it should reduce the need to import low ends) and affect the viability of conducting mining and industry in nullsec (as in, making it more profitable). This change is right around the corner, so we'll see soon enough.

Last May (2014), I wrote about how the Kronos and Crius releases would usher in the age of nomad mining due to the POS anchoring changes (link). This was a big boost to my mining operation. Now though CCP has announced a revamp of structures, including POSes, which I'm worried could make the POS too large to comfortably fit in the Orca or similar transport vessel, and no word yet on how long it would take to anchor the new structure.

Overall, the new structure concept is exciting, but I hope it doesn't spell the end of the easy mining and light industry nomadic lifestyle.

Edit (March 27, 2015): My concern about the size and deploy-ability ease/speed of the new structures might have been premature. The new structures, at the moment, will come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. While the starbase (current POS) will be large, it could be that the smaller deployables will allow for quick and easy ore compression and at least limited docking/mooring/shield safety, leaving the new POS structure for a more permanent base of operations.

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