Saturday, May 2, 2015

Eve Online Mining: Mosaic Update Deployed

Change is in the wind. Highsec miners have started to feel the affect of the revamped nullsec ore compositions. Between the IPH of nullsec ores due to that revamp and the strength of Rorqual boosts, it's time to put a team in null. On the other hand, the idea of mining in null isn't a revelation and quite likely those ores will be over-mined in the coming months. Also, who can say where the most efficient place(s) to mine will be after the June, 2015, changes to nullsec sov? Nevertheless, I have a team ready to deploy if and when I find an acceptable situation. Until then, my teams will stay focused on high-yield Scordite and Pyroxeres via Hulk mining (though compressing the ore for sale is no longer the way to go - I now compress in system, transport the compressed ore to a trade hub and refine at the trade hub station).

What I have been having fun with is the new ship SKIN system, and the current bug that allows you to skin any ship with any skin you own and have activated. CCP knows about it and it's probably short lived, but my Skiffs and Orca never looked better.

Sarum Skiff - side view (click image for larger version)

Sarum Skiff - top view
Tash-Murkon Skiff

Sukuuvestaa Skiff

Tash-Murkon Orca

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