Thursday, September 22, 2016

Eve Online Mining: Future of the Rorqual not improving

Glad I sold the Rorquals a few months ago. In addition to requiring them to be on grid with the mining vessels in order to deliver boosts [Dev blog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting], CCP has announced that allowing them to dock in the Astrahus Citadel is a bug that will be fixed, probably in the November, 2016, expansion [
[Future] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix]. This has not been received well.

Serious miners: Suggest you post on the threads and contact anyone you know on the CSM. What CCP proposes to do with the Rorqual and Orca will not be a benefit to miners or mining. It will benefit PvP gangs by providing more soft targets. Mining assets are already very much at risk. POS boosting was the main thing that made that risk worthwhile.

On a brighter note, collected all 58 of the Purity of the Throne event SKINs.
Will probably put the set up on contract. Have many extras for my Amarr pilots.

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