Friday, May 23, 2014

Eve Online Mining: Kronos and Crius usher in the Age of Nomad Mining

June 3, 2014, marks the release of Eve Online point update, Kronos, On July 22, 2014, a point update named Crius will be released. Together, they signify a new age in highsec mining.

After July 22, mining groups will be free to mine in any highsec system without sacrificing the logistic convenience (if not necessity) of mining close to a station owned by a corp with whom you have high enough standings to do a perfect refine. This is because post-Crius, we will be able to anchor a POS in any highsec system (save for a rather short list of restricted systems) without the need for faction standings, and, we will be able to refine or compress ore within that POS.

In other words, throw a small POS and a refining or compressing array in your Orca, and you're ready to hit the road. You essentially have a 15-minute-to-online mobile factory ready to refine/compress wherever and whenever it's convenient for your operation (subject to it being a non-restricted system and there being a moon available for anchoring the POS).

Freedom. No more being tied to a system or group of systems in which an NPC corp with which you have high standings has a refining facility. Almost all of highsec is at your feet - and even those restricted systems in which you can't anchor a POS, will be next door to systems where you can.

Nomad Mining. That's what I call it. A system is dry, overly hostile, need a change of scenery, tired of being a creature of habit (a dangerous habit in Eve)? Pack your bags, fire up the map, and hit the road.

Good times ahead.

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