Saturday, May 17, 2014

Welcome to New Eden Mining

Yes, a blog that focuses on mining in Eve Online.

I enjoy mining. To the most vocal segment of Eve players miners are pond scum. So be it. It's how I elect to spend my game time.

Mining in Eve Online ranges from the simple to the not-so-simple and has a variety of gaming elements that keep it engaging, but almost all dedicated miners like myself have something in common, we enjoy the actual process of it, though the nature of that process varies from miner to miner.

Mining is a strange Eve profession. Since it's generally looked down upon due to its carebearish nature, it has been swept to a dark corner of the infosphere. It's not fashionable.

Curiously though, for something so reviled, it's done by quite a few players, and by many of those players for hours on end.

AFK miners? Botters?

Botters are out there, no doubt. As to AFK mining, that's something usually shouted by the anti-carebear faction who are often clueless about what mining involves. There was a time when it was possible to mine ice in a semi-AFK fashion, but in general the activity is no more AFKish than anything else in Eve. I can watch a movie while I run missions, trade, even while I PvP in many gang situations.

The AFK mining clamor is hype. I run a group of six toons when I mine (four Hulks, an Orca and a hauler) and it is anything but an AFK proposition. Multi-toon mining is very common.

Expect information about the joys and challenges of mining in Eve Online.

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