Friday, May 23, 2014

Eve Online Mining: User interface screenshots

I run six characters when I mine - four miners, an Orca and a hauler. I use two 22-inch monitors. I have two miners on each monitor and the Orca and hauler pilots minimized on the right-hand monitor. In the screenshots below you will only see the miners. I don't expand the Orca or hauler until they are needed.

Screenshot 1: Both monitors (four miners)

Notes to Screenshot 1

The two miners in the monitor on the left mine Pyroxeres, the two on the right mine Scordite. This is a .9 security system, so only three ores are available, the third being Veldspar, which I do not harvest. Two miners are assigned to an ore, one starts by mining the closest and the other mines the farthest. This is very easy to do with the proper Overview Profile loaded as shown below.

Screenshot 2: Closeup of the left most client

Notes to Screenshot 2

Although there is some variation for the lead miner shown below, the UI of the miners is an imprecise three-column layout. The left column contains Local chat and the Drone window; the middle column contains two open cargo views - one for the ore hold of the Hulk and below that the Fleet Hangar of the Orca. As the Hulk's ore hold fills, the ore is dragged down to the Orca's Fleet Hangar. The column on the right contains the Overview, targets and the Selected Item window.

The Overview contains five Tabs labelled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE. This labeling system is convenient for a number of reasons, such as an FC telling fleet members what Overview Profile they should load into what Tab. Active at the moment in the image above is a Scordite Profile sorted by distance. The other Scordite miner will have the same Profile loaded, also sorted by Distance, and be mining the Scordite asteroids that are farthest away.

Although the asteroids are chosen and targeted via the Overview instead of Survey Scan results, the Hulk does have a Survey Scanner II and will use it in situations where all of the Scordite has been mined and that pilot will switch to Pyroxeres. Although he also has a Pyroxeres Profile, it's more efficient to move to Survey Scanner results to see what types need the most help. The Survery Scan results will be nested with the Overview.

Screenshot 3: Closeup of the lead miner (third from the left)

Notes to Screenshot 3

A slight layout variation for what I call the lead miner. The lead miner functions as the fleet's scout. He has a full set of warp-ins for each belt in the system. He finds a good belt while the fleet is at a safe spot rally point, enters a fleet broadcast to align to the belt he's chosen, and proceeds to target the Scordite farthest from his position. When he lands at a potential belt he immediately does a Survey Scan to get an overall snapshot of the health of the belt (although he will use the Overview to actively mine). He could also use the Mining Profile and sort by Name or Type to get this info, but a Survey Scan is quicker and easier. Nested with the Survey Scan result window are a couple of chat windows.

Note the one person in local with bad standing. The lead miner maintains most of the standings for the fleet. In this case, the pilot with bad standings was flagged for competing with the fleet for asteroids.

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